Some days it just seems like Hartford's Police Chief James Rovella just can't catch a break.

The latest incident just seems to defy common sense.

On September 25, 2013 a Windsor resident called the Windsor Police Department to report that his 12 year old daughter found a metal item in her bed that she thought was some sort of "capsule". The father, Marc Simpson recognized the "capsule" as the spent round from a gun. Simpson also found a hole in the outside wall of his daughters bedroom that appeared to be a gunshot hole.

Simpson called Windsor Police to report the incident and turn the round over to the Windsor Police . They conducted an investigation and determined that the round was fired from the home of Simpsons next door neighbor , Hartford Police Sergeant Eric Smith. Although Smith knew he fired the round, according to the timeline in the Police report, he never notified the Windsor police or the Hartford Police department that he had fired his weapon.

Smith only admitted to firing the shot from his Glock 40 caliber weapon after being confronted by Windsor officers.

The Hartford Police Department was only made aware of the incident apparently after a Windsor officer called Hartford IAD Sergeant Marty Cunningham, who assured Windsor that the matter would be handled "internally". Windsor Sergeant Spencer then  informed Cunningham that if they were "handling" it "we" , Windsor, would not be taking any further action.

The report also mentions that Hartford Police Union Vice president Nazario Figueroa was at the scene, but mentions no other response by any HPD supervisor.

The amount of time between the shooting incident and the actual reporting by Simpson is unclear. At one point in the report, Smith states it was the day before and at another point states to Sergeant Spencer it "was a couple days ago"

The troubling part is that Hartford Police Sergeant Eric Smith, despite his experience and training, did nothing after the shooting. The fact that the round was found in the bed of a 12 year old girl could have been disastrous if she was actually laying in her bed sleeping at the time. Smith apparently made no efforts to check on his neighbor and make sure that no one was injured or even make an attempt to apologize for the bullet hole in his neighbors home.

According to sources, in the report it mentions  Smith's wife Betty Perez, she is a Hartford 911 Dispatcher Other sources have also confirmed that Smith apparently has a friendship with Windsor Police Sergeant Spencer.The incident was provided with the complete addresses, I have chose to redact the house numbers.

Also, according to sources, the HPD Internal Affairs report has just recently been completed and is making its way though the chain of command for Chief Rovella's review and potential discipline.

Here is the Windsor Police incident report: